PackLIMS is a laboratory solution that re-imagines data capture and Dramatically improves testing efficiency.

Specifically designed for Packaging Testing Laboratories without a LIMS system

Why PackLIMS?

PackLIMS will help you retrieve data quickly, even during regulatory audits, reduces human error and eliminates any possibility of data loss or false reporting.

It prevents the use of outdated or uncalibrated equipment for analytical testing, assuring accuracy and the quality of results.

It helps standardise testing workflows, while providing complete and accurate control of the testing process.

It allows you to manage the tests conducted on samples, enables automatic or easy entry of results, tracking approval/validation of results and generation of reports.

Workflow Benefits

PackLIMS is a software-based laboratory information management system (LIMS) enabling secure, automated, and scalable tracking and information management. The primary function of PackLIMS is to track and store information about a sample from the time it enters a lab until it has undergone processing and reporting.

  • Centralize access and storage of quality control data
  • Enable workflow automation which can in turn reduce human error
  • Support compliance efforts
  • Perform instrument run monitoring
  • Initiate downstream data analysis
  • Integrate with instruments or other in-lab systems to improve lab efficiency
  • User adds sample info directly


  • using PackLIMS iDOC tablet


  • Data accurately added to LIMS database


  • Not all packaging equipment lends itself to easy transfer of data from a piece of equipment to a computer for processing.
  • It can be a very manual, laborious and time-consuming process to capture the many, many data points required for typical package testing.
  • This is inefficient and can lead to transcription errors potentially leading to re-testing and time lost.

The benefit of integrating equipment with PackLIMS

Going from a packaging sample to a meaningful result can be a complex process involving many steps, people, and the potential for error. Packaging labs should have access to tools that help them efficiently and accurately acquire and manage sample data as it moves through the entire process. PackLIMS can help.

Increased operational efficiency and productivity

Better data quality and

Improved reporting and


  • With PackLIMS, samples are registered and logged using barcode scanning or manual entry.
  • Samples are tracked throughout the testing life cycle. For instruments that have existing outputs, PackLIMS can capture and process this data.
  • For the many packaging instruments that do not have existing outputs, we have developed a unique iDOC solution where we can capture data from all types of equipment, removing the need for manual transcription.
  • iDOC captures, processes and retrieves data automatically and passes it to PackLIMS for reporting and analysis eliminating transcription errors and saving precious time